Dating winchester 94

My wife had a hankering for a lever gun my son sent her home with one today to see if she liked it it is a win 94 in 30-30 the serial number dates it as made in 1975. Looking for a winchester 94 for sale quickly find an in stock winchester 94 for sale at over 1600 stores, auctions, and classifieds in one click get the best price. Winchester dates of manufacture - oldgunsnet winchester model 1894 (mod 94): covering numbers: 1 - 5103249 please enter a serial number and click the submit button. Winchester 94: the best-selling the winchester model 94 this was the perfect marriage search events between dates search get the magazine. I'm putting the finishing touches on an article on the winchester model 9422 matched sets of one thousand deluxe engraved model 94 and model 9422 rifles were.

Just started a search for an all steel lyman 66a sight for my 1973 winchester 94 hard to come by, evidently anyone know a source. Mfg date for winchester 94's this is a discussion on mfg date for winchester 94's within the rifles forums winchester 94 dates of manufacture,. The end of an era: the last of the winchester model 94 by jeff quinn photography by jeff quinn january 18th, 2006 black tuesday: january 17, 2006 that was. The winchester serial number records are found in two different sets of ledgers manufacture dates cody firearms museum records office phone: 307-578-4031.

Everybody who reads these pages knows what a winchester model 94 is at least they should but what about the model 64 i admit it took a few seconds for my brain to click in when a friend called to tell me about a “good deal” on one finally i said, “oh yeah, the gussied up model 94” it. Inventory: commemoratives note: pictures of commemoratives listed here are representative only winchester commemorative model 94 teddy roosevelt.

I am wondering why some winchester model 94’s that i see at various gun shows are listed collectors dispute the actual dates value & price of win model 94's. Browse all new and used winchester rifles - model 1894 pre winchester model 1894 26 oct barrel caliber 38-55 wcf serial number 4038 dates 1949 winchester 94. A personal view of the 94, its design, how it shoots, and how to make it better. Includes the models 250, 270, 290, 255, and 275 introduced from 1963 to 1965 models 255 and 275 discontinued in 1971, models 250 and 270 discontinued in 1974 manufacture of the 290 ceased in 1976 total production for all models of the 200 series was over 1,600,000, according to winchester model 101 introduced in 1963 still in production as of 1984.

Dating winchester 94

Model 94 winchester rifle i have a seven digit serial number starting with 2. Winchester model 1894 trapper 30 wcf caliber rifle rare 16” trapper winchester 94 32 winchester special caliber rifle pre-64 model made in 1951. Author mark hoffman tests and reviews the winchester model 94 trails end takedown.

  • Find a variety of winchester rifles for sale at cabela's our huge selection of popular models includes the legendary 1873 -.
  • Marlin s/ns - date of manufacture model 94: 1905 to 1933 winchester dates of manufacture harleypilot, sep 25.

What is the manufacture date of winchester mod 94 30/30 serial number 4720678 - sport & outdoor - others question. You should have a winchester model 9422 lever action 22cal rifle,with the serial number that you have providedthis rifle was made in the year 1980. Winchester model 1894 - year & value model 94 serial number 864387 was for the vast number of winchester firearms, all three dates will be within a 90. These tables indicate the years of production for the winchester model 70 and 94 rifles prior to date your model 70 and 94 winchester model 94 production dates.

Dating winchester 94
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